Cow Camp

We have a friend, well, truth be told we have several friends, but this particular friend comes from a family that has lived and ranched in the Roaring Fork Valley for generations. Way back when in the early '40s her grand parents purchased a chunk of land up behind Snowmass ski area. They used, and still use, the land to move their cows up into the high country in the summer when the lower valley is drying out, so that the cows can fatten up on that sweet, high mountain grass. A couple of times a year our friend gets the run of the place and we are blessed with the good fortune of being invited to spend a couple of days up there.

This past weekend we went up there and, as usual, it did not disappoint. If you don't stray from the cabin and just sit on the porch staring at Mt. Daly, it is still a fantastic day. If you go for a hike up Snowmass Creek to check out the falls, or head to the beaver ponds, or have a campfire and stay up drinking whiskey until the full moon comes up, so much the better. We did all of those things and more. All I can say is that you should be jealous of us.


  • Early morning moon over Daly
  • The view from the porch
  • Quite picturesque
  • The big cabin