McCall Point / Rowena Crest

This hike is out the Gorge, outside of the bustling metropolis of Mosier, Oregon, pop. 430. It starts at the Rowena scenic overlook off of historic Highway 30. After a short climb it reaches the meadowed slopes overlooking the Rowena Plateau. Here, you'll have your first view to the west, including the arched highway bridge,and Mount Defiance. Looking north, Mount Adams appears beyond the town of Lyle. From here, the trail gets steeper as it switchbacks, alternating through forests of scrub oak and open grassy areas. This part of the trail is populated with poison oak and ticks. Be sure to wear long pants and long sleeves. As the trail climbs, the views of the river and the plateau get better and better.

At the summit you have got the same beautiful river views and now there's a great view of both Mount Hood to the west and Adams to the north. If you look off to the south side of the summit you can see the remains of a fire that roared through here last summer, just briefly touching this area.

  • Wildflowers abound
  • Wildflowers abound
  • Yes!
  • Looking down to last season's burn area
  • Mt. Hood in the background
  • Heading up to the burn
  • I liked the contrast of the red with the black
  • Mt. Adams off to the northwest
  • Looking east up the Columbia
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