Applejack Toddy

Applejack was the drink of choice in Colonial America. It is said that George Washington produced quite a bit of Applejack in his day. It is made using the freeze distilling method. In other words, you take a hard apple cider and on cold, winter nights, you leave it outside. In the morning you skim off the ice. Since the alcohol doesn't freeze, but the water does, it gets stronger and stronger the more nights you leave it out.

Today, Applejack is more of a brandy, but you can still get a traditional Applejack from Laird & Company.

From Wikipedia: Laird & Company is a distillery located in the Scobeyville section of Colts Neck Township, New Jersey. Founded by Robert Laird, it is the oldest licensed distillery in the United States and received License No. 1 from the U.S. Department of the Treasury in 1780. Laird has a rectifier and blender license from the New Jersey Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control. Robert Laird, descended from one of Monmouth County's oldest families, served in the Continental Army under George Washington. Washington asked Laird for his recipe for "cyder spirits" before the Revolution.


Add the Applejack, the cloves, the honey and the cinnamon stick to a toddy glass or mug. Add hot water. Sit back, sip and enjoy the warming glow.


ounce Applejack
4 cloves
1 teaspoon honey
1 cinnamon stick
hot water
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