Blueberry Rum Smash

Global warming! It certainly feels like it. For the fourth or fifth time this year we have had triple digit temperatures! As Adriane put it, "I didn't move here for this shit! Where's my nine months of rain?!" So, being hotter than all get out, we decided to have a couple nice, cool and refreshing drinks this evening. And being berry season, we opted for the Blueberry Rum Smash.


Cover the bottom of an old-fashioned glass with blueberries. (If you're using a smaller glass, make a double layer.) Add the brown sugar and lemon juice and muddle until the sugar is melted. The idea is to break the skins of the blueberries, but not to mash them into a pulp. Fill the glass with crushed ice and then add the rum. Top with ginger ale and stir.

Done and done. Sit back, relax, enjoy!



Fresh blueberries
1 tablespoon brown sugar
¾ ounce fresh-squeezed lemon juice
2 ounce amber rum
ginger ale
  • Rum Smash and Goldfish
  • All you need
  • Blueberries and brown sugar
  • Cheers!