Young’s Peak Trail

It is a bit of a stretch to call the Young’s Peak Trail a hike. It is not very long, but that isn't the issue. It is very steep, but that isn't really a factor either. The reason that I don't call it a hike is that it is right outside of Crawford. I mean like a block outside of Crawford. There is also the fact that there is a jeep road that goes all the way to the top. It is also known as "C Hill" since it has a giant C for Crawford on it, maintained by the high school kids. All that being said, it is a nice, steep walk with the reward of spectacular views once you get to the top.

  • Midway, looking back at Needle Rock
  • Midway, looking back at Needle Rock with Adriane
  • Looking east from the top
  • Looking northwest from the top (and a drink of water)