The Manhattan is the classic rye whiskey drink. There are many stories as to the origin of the drink, but I think we can safely say that it was invented in New York circa 1860. I prefer the story of the bartender named Black inventing it, mainly because I like the image of a bartender named simply Black. The Manhattan can take on many different tastes depending on the proportions that you use. I prefer 5:2 with 2 dashes of bitters, but feel free to mix it up and find what works for you.


Add all of the ingredients in a mixing glass. Now, if you are in a hurry, but some ice in the mixing glass and stir vigorously, strain into a chilled cocktail glass. I prefer to put the mixing glass in the freezer for five or ten minutes to get it good and chilled. Once your concoction is chilled, take it out of the freezer, add some ice and stir with a cocktail spoon. Take a hefty twist of orange peel and squeeze the peel into a chilled cocktail glass and strain the drink mixture into the glass. Sip, savor and pretend to be fancy.


ounce rye whiskey
1 ounce sweet vermouth
2 dash Angostura bitters
  • Manhattan