Mint Julep
Mint Julep

On the eve of Derby Day I felt that our fancy cocktails tonight should be a nice mint julep.

The Fedora

Hold onto your hat! This one is a bit of an ass kicker. While it has quite few different liquors in it, it really is a tasty drink.

The Chi Chi
Chi Chi

The Chi Chi really should be served in a coconut glass and come with an umbrella, but we do what we can.

Rye Smash
Rye Smash

The Rye Smash is a pretty simple cocktail, but it is quite tasty and you know how I love to muddle.

Rye Rogers
Rye Rogers

A tasty, adult version of the classic Roy Rodgers, the Rye Rogers is a refreshing cocktail for any time of year.

The Sky Pilot
Sky Pilot

This one came from Rachel Maddow's Cocktail Moment and includes one of my favorites, the American classic, applejack..

Fresh lemon juice, honey syrup, Bacardi amber rum
Jamaica Honey Bee

The Jamaican Honey Bee is a refreshing rum and honey drink. The Honey Bee is very simple to make and requires very few specialized tools.